Cut costs while following the law.

Since it is the law to either have a TTY machine available or deploy equipment that supports TTY machines, why not save money doing it? Almost every organization that has deployed TTY machines, has them setup with analog phone lines. There is a reoccurring cost associated with every analog line; the cost to maintain and lease the line from the phone company. Analog lines cost an average of about $30 per line per month. If your organization has 10 TTY’s deployed, the cost could be surprising.

ipTTY – a particular flavor of accessaphone – allows an organization to get rid of the analog lines that are connected to TTY machines because the soft TTY application does not require an analog line or voice modem for that matter. The application simply connects directly to the VoIP/Hybrid PBX as long as the phone system supports 3rd party SIP devices. Additionally, Telecom Managers can realize a quicker ROI for their purchased phone system because of this newly found use of SIP.


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