You want this access ramp where?

Technology is improving at a rapid pace; improving for who you might ask? In many cases, every month, many technology manufacturers race to release tools and solutions with a continuously expanding feature set. Solutions facilitating the convergence of voice and data are at the forefront of this movement to increase features because you see it is their product features that play a huge role in product differentiation. To them, their features set their solutions apart from competitors.

Along with these advances in technology comes complexity. It is a delicate balancing act to provide robust features that rely on complex technology to work and an easy to use interface to control it. Add the common situation where an entity supports multiple phone systems in the organization and now you have multiple interfaces to learn and support as well as multiple training programs, if the entity provides training on the phone at all.

What if company phone systems all shared the same interface, with built in accessibility and usability features that enable every employee to communicate how they want to using the phone – with voice, video and/or real time text? Each individual employee could use the enterprise phone system, available to all employees, without the need for a special accommodation. accessaphone fulfills the need for a single interface to multiple phone systems adding accessible, usable call control for every employee on the system. The alternative, which is creating a custom solution for each employee essentially equates to placing an access ramp to each employees individual office versus the entire building. That is what essentially happens when an organization decides to “accommodate” a few individuals with customized solutions. Crazy right? Then why do we continue to accommodate when it comes to telephony? The mindset clearly needs to change.

What do you face at your office? Does the Information Technology or Phone department provide and support a non-standard phone for you? Are there co-workers who would like to have what you have but do not qualify for it or are reluctant to ask for it? Let me know.


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